2 comments on “Yeeeeees.

  1. yo man!
    i love your website
    i just saw everything- its beautiful- great vids- great photos (looks like film some of them)- great editing(and the music)- great color- great lenses (old ones?)
    wish you and your wonderful wife to continue
    where are you now /?
    whats the plan ?

    maybe you should open another segment called “conflicts” 🙂


    • Hi there!

      Thanks man, really appreciate your kind words!
      I’m in Taipei(Taiwan) until the end of February, at least. I’m here to learn some Chinese and develop meditation practise, so far with no success with the second. Actually some of pics are film. I’m using primes with my old mk2: canon 50mm 1.4 and old 28mm Auto Revuenon. What do you mean by ‘conflicts’ segment – personal or political 🙂 ?

      Are back in Israel? (I’m such a hacker that I’ve checked your IP -_-) What you up to now? Fell invited to Taipei.
      all best!